Star Touring and Riding Association

Central Jersey

Chapter #118

*****   Chapter Bylaws   *****





1.      The name of this organization shall be New Jersey Chapter 118 of the Star Touring & Riding Association, hereafter referred to as NJ Chapter 118.


2.      NJ Chapter 118 shall operate under the rules and regulations established within the International Charter.


3.      No Chapter by-law shall supercede the International Charter.


4.      A general meeting of the chapter membership will be held on the second Sunday of each month starting promptly at 9:30 am at the Rahway Elks.  If a meeting date falls on a holiday, the meeting will take place unless otherwise changed or cancelled by the Board of Trustees.




1.      Prospective members must join the Star Touring & Riding Association upon the completion of:


            Riders:  Participation in 2 chapter rides and 1 meeting/event.


            Non-Riders:  Participation in 3 chapter meetings/events.


            The prospective member must be voted into the chapter by a “majority” vote.


2.   A former member that left NJ Chapter 118 in good standing may apply for membership without participation in chapter rides, meetings, or events.  The returning member must be voted into the chapter by a “majority” vote.


3.      An active member of NJ Chapter 118 is a member of Star Touring & Riding that has participated in at least 40% of chapter events per year. Any member not meeting these criteria, without just cause, will be removed from the active status and be an Associate member of NJ Chapter 118.


4.      Chapter dues of $24 will be collected at the February chapter meeting for all existing members. New members will pay dues upon being voted into the chapter at $2 a month for the number of remaining months until the following February, ex., voted in at August meeting, pay $12 dues.


5.      The chapter rocker can only be obtained through the chapter.  The chapter rocker remains the property of the chapter and must be returned upon request.  Back patches may be purchased from the chapter or directly from The Star Touring & Riding Association.


6.      Only active members in good standing will be allowed to vote on chapter issues.


7.      Associate members are entitled to all privileges of membership, except the right to vote or hold office.


8.      Any grievance between members, or between the members and Chapter, shall be directed to the Chapter President by “chain of command.”  The Chapter President shall convene the Board of Trustees to deliberate on the grievance.  (Chain of command: Sgt At Arms → Vice Pres. → President.  For more details, see A.3 – Membership Rights of the International Charter.)


9.       Chapter membership shall be suspended or revoked  (by the Board of Trustees) for failure to maintain current membership in Star Touring & Riding Association, for violation of charter or by-law agreements, and/or for illegal or unbecoming conduct at any chapter function.  Unbecoming conduct includes, but is not limited to, unsafe riding, consumption of alcohol during sanctioned rides, physical violence, failure to follow instructions and actions that are detrimental to the objectives of the chapter or STAR and safety of it’s members.


10.      To permanently suspend or remove a member, the Chapter’s Board of Trustees must return a majority vote and provide the member with a written explanation of the Board’s findings and decision.


11.  All chapter members must maintain their motorcycle in good working condition and abide by all federal, state and local motorcycle safety and inspection laws.


12.  All chapter members must posses a valid drivers license showing a motorcycle endorsement and current motorcycle insurance.  Motorcycle learners permits will be accepted.




1.      Chapter President: The Chapter President becomes a National Officer of Star Touring & Riding Association when they are elected.  As such, they will be required to represent STAR in a professional manner. The Chapter President shall:


A.     Assure compliance with the STAR Charter by all Chapter members.


B.     Exercise general supervision over the members of the Chapter Board and the affairs of the Chapter.

C.     Have the authority to make day-to-day decisions concerning the operations of the Chapter and report those decisions to the membership.


D.     Represent the Chapter in association with other rider groups and organizations.


E.      Be the point of contact for all Chapter members in communicating with STAR International, i.e., National President and National Organizers.


2.       Vice President:  The Vice President shall:


A.     Stand in for and hold the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.


B.     Work with all committee chairs to coordinate and inform the board of committee progress.


3.      Sergeant At Arms:  The Sergeant At Arms shall:


A.     Be present at all meetings to keep and maintain order.


B.     Be responsible for making sure that all ride waivers are signed prior to any ride or event.


C.     Enforce the Charters and by-laws as they are written.


NOTE:  The President, Vice President and Sergeant At Arms shall have the privilege of spending up to $50 for chapter expenses requiring immediate attention.  They shall report such expenditures to the Chapter Board and turn in receipts to the treasurer.


4.      LOS (Ladies of the Star) Representative:  The LOS Representative shall:


A.     Work to make all women, either rider or passenger, feel welcome as a member of the Chapter.


B.     Coordinate with the National LOS Coordinator for support.


C.     Work within the Chapter to help advance the image of women in motorcycling.


5.      Secretary:  The Secretary shall:


A.     Keep minutes of all meetings.


B.     Maintain attendance and ride waiver records.


C.     Review previous month’s meeting minutes at current chapter meeting.


6.      Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall:


A.     Maintain a bookkeeping system for the funds of the Chapter.


B.     Prepare a monthly financial report.


C.     Oversee sales of Chapter merchandise, i.e., T-shirts, pins, etc.


D.     Coordinate and collect funds during all 50/50 raffles.


7.      Star Vets Representative:  The Star Vets Representative shall:


A.     Brings information to the chapter of Veteran’s events.


B.     Encourage chapter participation and awareness of Veterans’ events and issues.


C.     Promote membership of all eligible Star members in Star Vets.


8.      Shepard:  The Shepard shall:


A.     Be of general assistance to the Chapter in the promotion of events, rides and new memberships.


B.     Provide dealers with updated Chapter information and new member applications.


C.     Contact local media to promote and publicize Chapter events.


D.     This is an appointed position.


9.      Road Captain:  The Road Captain shall:


A.     Assure and maintain the order and safety of group rides.


B.     Institute the procedures of the “Shepard Program” with new riders.


C.     Stop and assist another rider in the group that has experienced a problem.


D.     Is responsible for having ride waivers signed and witnessed.


10.  Webmaster:  The Webmaster shall:


A.     Maintain and operate the chapter website and forum.


B.     Report website status at monthly chapter meetings.

C.     Remove any content deemed inappropriate upon a majority decision of the Board of Trustees.


D.     This is an appointed position.


11.   Sunshine Representative:  The Sunshine Representative shall:


A.     Represent Chapter 118 in sending cards, flowers, etc. to chapter members and their families for appropriate occasions.


B.     Have discretionary spending privileges for up to $50.


C.     Report to the Vice President and file receipts with the treasurer.


12.   Committees:


A.     Committee members shall designate a chairperson.


B.     Chairperson shall report to Vice President at all meetings.


C.     Committee name, chairperson, members and purpose shall be listed on the website.


D.     E-mail and/or phone numbers of committee members should be available.





1.      Nominations will be accepted at the November meeting.  Only active members will be allowed to nominate individuals for the positions of Chapter President and Vice President.


2.      Elections will be held in December, by secret ballot, to protect the anonymity of the voter.


3.      Once the Chapter President and Vice President have been elected the following appointments are made:


A.     Chapter President and Vice President appoint Sergeant At Arms


B.     Chapter President appoints Star Vet Representative, LOS Representative, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member Representative.


4.      The Chapter Board of Trustees shall consist of the following:


A.     Chapter President, Vice President, Sergeant At Arms, LOS Representative, and Member Representative.


5.      In the event that one of the Officers must relinquish their position, the

remaining Board members may make a temporary appointment until such

time as an election can be held.


            6.   A secret ballot will not be necessary if only one candidate is on the current





1.      Requests to amend the Chapter By-Laws will be submitted in written form.  Any active chapter member in good standing can submit amendment requests.


2.      Amendment requests will be presented to the Board of Trustees to confirm that they are in accordance with the International Charter and promotes the best interests of NJ Chapter 118.


3.      Amendment requests that are approved by the Board of Trustees will then be read to the chapter and a vote will take place.


4.      A majority vote of active chapter members, with a quorum present, must be received for an amendment to be implemented.


5.      A quorum is two-thirds or more of the number of active members